Finally, a Task Manager That's Easy To Understand


What's My Computer Task ManagerWe've all been there. You sit at your computer, desperate to get on with some work, but the PC is busy. Something's clearly using up lots of processing capacity or hard disk activity, because everything's running very slowly. So where are the culprits?

The normal course of action at this point is to load up Task Manager, or Process Monitor, or Resource Monitor. But they're not really designed for anyone except techies, and the results can be hard to interpret. Which is why I quite like a very simple tool called What's My Computer Doing.

The program is a 0.5 MB download from that needs no installation. Just click on the enormous Download button to get it. It's also malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. When you run it, it tells you which programs are running, and whether they're using hard disk, processor, or both. Click on one of the entries and you can see more about the program, as well as sending it directly to VirusTotal for a scan if you're suspicious.

If you're not technically minded but you want to keep your PC running at its best, What's My Computer Doing is the program you need.

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I believe that the ratings for this article would be higher if the article stated some/many features that make it better than other task managers that are in common use. Comparing this software with probably the most often used "MS Task Manager" would have improved the quality of the article.

I was excited by the article at first read and was ready to download the suggested software until I read the comments following the article. The general consensus was this software is not all that good. When I looked back at the article itself I really saw no features to recommend it over "MS Task Manager". This tells me that the article was not very informative and I was ready to download the software based strictly on the reviewer''s recommendation.

Normally when I read a reviewer's positive recommendation I download the software reviewed and try it out for myself. Not necessarily a very smart move on my part. I should first look for the features outlined by the reviewer and perhaps comments from those who have already tried the software before jumping to download the software. In this article the named features are very few.


Thank you for the link. I am and was aware of the original comparison of task managers. The way that this comment section is titled is that ratings should be based on the article. The article received low ratings and I commented on why I thought the article received such low ratings.

Most of the comments that I read pertained to the software program and indirectly addressed the article itself. I fully appreciated all the comments. The comments were the reason I did not download and test this program myself.

If the ratings reflect the software and not the article then I totally misunderstood the purpose of the rating.

From the website:
System requirements:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP

This page just happened to show up when I have tried everything to figure out why all of a sudden my laptop is running so slow, but after reading the comments, I don't know if I should download this Task Manager.

As noted previously, it DOES INSTALL--is not standalone!
Fonts are small for over 40 people, and unchangeable.
Columns in the display list are unsortable.
I did not use my Revo install monitor because you said t did not install...a bit unhappy.
Not impressed with this.

Does it work with Windows 10?

So why then are you still using Chrome?
If your box slows down that you would want to use a tool like this kill Chrome (completely) and then take your look...
Just sayin'...

Why do I use Chrome?
* highly recommended in numerous tech journals
* extensions are useful
* gave up Firefox long ago, and can't remember now the reason why

But more to the point: the problem is not with Chrome; the problem is with the task manager that is very poorly designed.

I saw immediately that it need installation. I tried to sandboxie the thing. It won't run as a portable. Wish I could report further -- just don't want to run it outside the box. Not to say it's not a good program after installation.

Hi Mike, after reading your post, I tested installing this program in Sandboxie. All went well. Test using a new sandbox with default settings. You can create a new sandbox in:
Sandboxie control>Sandbox>Create new sandbox (leave settings on default).


Thank you

1) Re: "that needs no installation" Huh? After downloading, it immediately wanted to install, in order to run.
2) One can view only the top nine programs. The viewing window cannot be re-sized. If I scroll down to see other programs, it jumps right back up to the top. Since Chrome by itself can occupy several spots, this is really limiting.
All in all, I'd far rather use the normally recommended programs.