Finale NotePad


Finale NotePad

An easy-to-use application with simple functionality to suit most of your musical notation needs.


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Pros & Cons:

Easy to learn, Scores look professional, Program interface looks professional.
Limited features, Limited file compatibility.

Our Review:

Finale NotePad provides simple functionality that should suit most of your musical notation needs. Although the features of Finale NotePad are sparser than those of MuseScore and LilyPond, its main appeal is its ease of use. Due to its well-organized interface and excellent set of online tutorials, you can easily start notating immediately upon running the program.

Finale NotePad can import and export Finale Notation Files, MIDI, and Music XML. Imported MIDI data can be quantized.

Finale NotePad enables you to enter notes by typing, by clicking, or by playing them one by one on a MIDI instrument. NotePad provides several sets of standard objects (articulations, dynamic marks, etc.), which are applied to notes and can be repositioned as necessary. NotePad is not as flexible as MuseScore concerning less common articulations and instrumentation.

Its biggest limitations are lack of chord notation, guitar chord charts, and advanced lyric-editing tools. But, it does retain the stability and shine of its cousins in the MakeMusic product line, with a competitive feature set for an easy-to-learn, free program.

Finale NotePad was reviewed by on based on version 2012.