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Files Go

A smart file manager lets you get rid of unwanted content and share files easily with nearby friends.


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Suggestions to remove duplicate and unwanted files, unused apps; Search files with keywords and filters; Transfer files offline.
Both devices need the same app to connect and share files; No file browser included.

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Files Go is a file manager created by Google for you to easily get rid of unnecessary content on your mobile and transfer files to nearby friends fast and securely without going through the Internet.

The app has two main sections, namely Storage and Files.

  • The Storage section tells you the storage capacity of your mobile and SD card, if available, and the amount being used. Below it are recommendations to free up space in several categories, like duplicate files, large files, downloaded files, app media or unused apps. Tap a category and select the items you want to remove. That’s easy.

  • The Files section lets you search content on your device by types, like downloads, apps, images, videos, audio and documents, and find files with keywords and filters. Select the item(s) in the result list for next action where applicable, such as delete, rename, open with, move or copy to SD card, back up to the cloud, or share the item(s) by sending to nearby friends. More directly, you can send and receive files by tapping the Send or Receive button at the bottom of the Files section.

This app is good for removing unwanted files and unused apps to save storage, and sending files to another mobile device using the same app. It leverages a secure hotspot connection between two devices to transfer files at speeds up to 125 Mbps. It is fast and works without consuming your mobile data after the recipient approves the connection between the devices for receiving files.

For advanced users, it would have been better if this app includes a file browser to browse through folders and files in the file system.

Files Go is pre-installed on Android Go. If you’re using other versions of Android such as 5.0 and above, download and run it, which will work equally well.


Google's Files Go Helps Manage Storage And Share Files On Your Smartphone

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