FileBox eXtender


FileBox eXtender

Get quick access to favorite and recent folders from buttons added to Explorer and dialog boxes.


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Pros & Cons:

Adds buttons to Explorer and dialog boxes that provide quick access to favorite & recent folders, adds useful "On top" and "Roll up" buttons to all windows.
No longer in development, dialog/explorer window settings did not work consistently in recent versions of Windows.

Our Review:

Upon installation, FileBox eXtender immediately adds the Favorites and Recently Accessed buttons to the Explorer and Open/Save dialog windows next to the normal minimize, restore, and maximize buttons. Adding folders and files to my Favorites was easy: I browsed for the target, selected it, then the caption was automatically entered (or I could change it). I could add separators and submenus so that my Favorites menu would be more organized. It was also easy to add Favorites on the fly by calling the menu from an open folder and choosing "Add".

Handy buttons

A single click on the Favorites or Recent buttons quickly opened the menus. There were no cascading (fly-out) menus, the FE menu items simply opened the selected folders.

The screenshot (click to enlarge it) shows the Favorites setup, and shows other options including Exceptions which told FileBox eXtender to ignore applications that I specified. I was excited about the ability to set dialog/explorer window size, view mode, and sort order, although they did not work consistently for me in Windows 10.

The "push-pin" Always-on-Top button and a Rollup button were added to most windows (if desired) except for some new apps. Both functions were also added to the "system menus" of windows, accessed by right clicking on the window captions where applicable. These functions worked well and were useful when I want to keep an eye on one program, but use another.

FileBox eXtender effectively adds quick access to my favorite and recent folders in the Explorer and Open/Save dialogs. The Always-on-Top and Rollup buttons work well in most windows and they proved to be very useful. However, I would like to see full support for more recent of Windows like Windows 10, more customizability, more ways to access the menus (e.g. via the context menu), and cascading (fly-out) menus. Unfortunately, according to the developer's website, this program is no longer in development.


  • Access Where?  Explorer, Open/Save dialogs
  • Access How?  Buttons added to windows, customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Favorites Menu?  Yes: on-the-fly additions, submenus
  • Recent Menu?  Yes
  • Dialog Window Settings?  Yes: size, view mode, sort order (not consistent in Windows 10)
  • Additional Window Functions?  Yes: on top, roll up
  • Customizability: Moderate
  • Additional Features: "On top" and "roll up" buttons added to most windows, can add program exceptions, "Update Shortcuts" to fix broken links in favorites menu

FileBox eXtender was reviewed by on based on version 2.01.00.