File Shredder


File Shredder

Provides free space wiping and file shredding capabilities


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Pros & Cons:

Small, easy to use, free space wiping and enough features to increase effectiveness.
Not as comprehensive, no scheduling, very little help.

Our Review:

File Shredder, despite its name, has both free space wiping and file shredding capabilities. File Shredder has a small download size, simple interface, and it's very easy to use. It's a lot lighter than Eraser on active memory resources, but higher in CPU usage on my system. It lacks scheduling or a built-in help, and has very limited online help.

It uses a DoD (5220-22.M 3 pass) erase pattern by default, but it has four other patterns to choose from (versus the 14 patterns of Eraser). The default may be way too slow for free space wiping, so you may want to change it to one or two passes. The free space wipe works a little differently than Eraser, leaving behind more temp files of nonsense information (whereas Eraser doesn't usually allow recovery programs to read any bytes as recoverable). But I wasn't able to view anything of use from File Shredder's full wipe leftovers.

Similar to Eraser, File Shredder has explorer and context menu extensions, so you can right click on a file and send it to the erasing/shredding programs.

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