File Expert


File Expert

Manage your files locally and use your device as a server to share files over a Wi-Fi connection.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Manager for Android
Categories: Disk & File, File Manager

Pros & Cons:

Straightforward menu options and navigation.
A lot of the features are only available in the Pro version. It is also a bit slow and clunky to use plus the Help wasn't visible. There could also be potential issues with file-sharing security across Android devices.

Our Review:

File Expert is described as the "ultimate app for managing your files". Not only does it manage your files locally but will also allow you to use your device as a sharing server to share files with your friends over a Wi-Fi connection. They can use a web browser, FTP client or Bluetooth to access your File-Expert device. It also gives you an option to set up your own cloud. However, a lot of these special features (and some of the normal ones), are only available with the purchased Pro Key.

The default app menu is very straightforward and easy to use albeit colourless and flat, though there are themes you can download. The navigation is also straightforward and uncluttered (although a bit clunky in use) and the information, once you have chosen an option, is clear and easy to follow. Optional menu items are again, easy to navigate.

If you are used to Android apps then you will have no problem navigating around this software, but if you like to read the Help every now and then, especially if you want to set up file sharing, clouds, etc, well... I couldn't find it!!

Overall, a good app but not truly freeware (I have no idea how much the Pro Key is as I didn't want to click the option to purchase in case I automatically paid for it!!). And on a personal note, I think that there could be potential security issues with anyone, apart from myself, accessing my files remotely from my Android device.

File Expert was reviewed by on based on version 5.1.9.