Febooti Hash & CRC


Febooti Hash & CRC

Works as a tab on the file property page and computes MD5, SHA-1, CRC32 and other popular hash checksums of files.


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Pros & Cons:

Works in a tab of the Windows Explorer file property page. Computes hashes with fifteen different algorithms including those described above. It is easy to change hash selections and recompute. If multiple files are selected, it is possible to switch between the selected files to compute hashes for each one. There is a simple mechanism for copying computed hashes to the clipboard.
No comparison feature. To check computed hashes against another file, you must compute the hashes for each file separately, paste the results into a text document, and then visually compare them.

Our Review:

Like HashTab and HashCheck, Febooti Hash & CRC works as a tab on the file property page. To compute the hash of a file, you right-click the file, select Properties, and then click the tab labeled "Hash / CRC". The upper portion of the tab panel shows the name of the file being hashed, if just one had been selected, or a count of the total number selected. It also shows the file system location of the selected file(s), although a deep location will be truncated.

The middle portion of the panel lists the available hashes which can be easily selected or excluded using a checkbox next to each one. Two of the algorithms, MD and RIPEMD, have drop-downs to the left that allow you to select the version of the algorithm to use in the main list. The algorithms that are selected when the program starts, which are remembered from the last session, are automatically computed for the selected file. If an algorithm is added, you must click the Compute button in the lower section to recompute the hashes to include the newly selected one.

The lower portion of the tab panel provides a mechanism for switching the file to use when multiple files were selected in Windows Explorer. To compute hashes for a different file from a group, just click the View file drop-down, select the desired file from the list, and click Compute.

Unlike the other programs reviewed here, Febooti Hash & CRC, does not provide a hash comparison feature. There is no way to directly compare the hash of a file against published hash or against the hash of another file. To compare the computed hash against a published hash, you must click the Copy button, select which hash (or all) to place on the clipboard, paste the hash(es) into another window such as an empty Notepad document, paste the published hash into the same window, and then visually compare them. If you need to compare two files, you have to go through this exercise for each file before comparing them. The program does, at least, make it easy to get the computed hashes onto the clipboard.

Febooti Hash & CRC was reviewed by on based on version 3.5.