Built with a wizard featuring plugins for ease of backups


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File-Based Backup Program
Categories: Disk & File, File Backup

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Easy to use wizard featuring plugins to make it easy to back up data from various other programs, like browsers, email clients, or media players.
Lacks partial backup ability, no Shadow Copy, no high level encryption. Free version restricted functions.

Our Review:

FBackup starts with a Getting Started window over the main window. The Getting Started window can be turned off after the first use; however this window is also a Wizard that novice users may find beneficial.

The Getting Started options are Backup, Restore and Links. Select Backup, another window will open. Name your backup, choose the target destination, click next. The following window is for selecting and excluding files. This requires a familiarity with file tree structions and locating the information you want to backup on the hard drive. The next window is for encryption and selecting full or mirror backup.

Mirror backup will essentially copy files from one location to another. Mirror backups cannot be compressed or password protected. The next window is for scheduling. A nice feature is each window has a help link associated with the information on that window. There is also an advanced button at the bottom of the screen to access other options.

Essentially there are four steps to creating a backup. After the backup is complete, a notification window will pop-up showing the files backed up. This is part of the CRC32 test. The test cannot be performed again after the backup. FBackup will return to the main window.

FBackup free does not offer incremental or differential backups. Compressed files are zipped so no need for mounting/unmounting. Backups can be password protected but they are not encrypted.

A unique feature of FBackup is the use of plugins which can be used to automate backups. These plugins are preset for specific applications like game saves, email data, web browser settings, anti-virus configurations, etc. The developer has created a rather long list of available plugins to help capture specific application files. The options menu under the File tab provides access to configuring essential functions of the software.

Since FBackup is heavy on pop-up notifications, the Notifications option is very handy for customizing what pop-up windows you see and for how long. The UI is similar to MS Office's ribbon toolbar making FBackup more comfortable for users of MS products.

Overall a nice backup program for users of moderate computer knowledge. My dislikes are the restrictions in the free version compared to the paid version.

FBackup was reviewed by on based on version 6.1.188.