FastStone Capture


FastStone Capture

Contains a decent selection of tools including a screen capture, color picker, image editor ad screen magnifier.


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Pros & Cons:

Decent selection of tools (screen capture, color picker, image editor, screen magnifier), Interface for image editor is more user-friendly compared to PicPick.
Magnifier magnifies full-screen and is not active unless mouse button is pressed down. Free version no longer supported.

Our Review:

As the name suggests, FastStone Capture includes a screen capture tool but also includes a color picker, image editor and screen magnifier.

There isn't much of a difference between the features of FastStone Capture and PicPick. It has similar screen capture features (full screen, active window, window, freehand), color picker features (windowed preview and RGB and hex number information) and image editor capabilities (color correction to effects). The program even mimics PicPick's interface (located in the tray icon). Though FastStone Capture's tools do a decent enough job for the tasks required, the tools are better implemented (through design and functionality) within PicPick.

One thing I did like about the program was their image editor. It was movable and allowed for hotkeys. Despite this, the program doesn't really add to the features found within PicPick's image editor (brightness/contrast, hue saturation, sharpen/blur, crop and resize).

My biggest concern though is with the magnifier tool. Compared to PicPick and VMN Toolbox, the tool doesn't include a windowed magnifier. Instead, the whole screen is magnified when you press your mouse button. In order to keep the magnification active, you have to keep pressing your mouse button (once you let go, the magnification disappears). I would have preferred it if the program allowed users the option of using this full screen magnification or (like in others) a windowed magnification.

Overall, the program contained a decent selection of tools. However since these tools are already found (and better implemented) within PicPick's package, FastStone Capture ranks a distant second in this category.

FastStone Capture was reviewed by on based on version 5.3 (Last Free Version).