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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Copy Utility
Categories: Disk & File, File Copy

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Fastest of all utilities tested | Light on system resources | Auto-selects settings for copying | Works without installation
Must be uninstalled from original installer | Manual shell integration | Does not override Windows Copier

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FastCopy is my choice for the best file copy manager. When it comes to stability and speed, FastCopy gave me consistent results and beat every other manager in the running by several seconds. I also noted that during the transfer, even with the 64MB cache that it used, I was still not seeing a significant jump in resource usage. My RAM usage stayed consistently low throughout the entire transfer. The program is excellent which made it my top choice of the file managers I tested.

It also includes shell integration with the program and x64 capabilities. The program can also be run without being installed which is a very nice touch if you only need it for certain tasks. It also includes an installer for shell integration and for use as your default copier. It will not override your Windows file copier even when installed.

There are a lot of great things about this program but I cannot give this program a 10/10 for the following reasons. First, the uninstalling utility would probably be confusing for the average user since you have to enter the C:\Program Files\FastCopy folder in order to run setup again and choose to uninstall the program. With that said it did not show up in the "Uninstall Program" section of Windows 7 Control Panel which would be the optimal place for the program to be uninstalled. Secondly, shell integration must be configured via the "Options" menu and in order to choose what FastCopy options you would like added to the right-click menu since it does not automatically override your Windows copier.

These to me are minor gripes as the shell extensions added manually are excellent and you can even choose to hide the transfer window in the system tray and hover your mouse over to see the transfer speeds. Also, built into the program is a file wiping utility that performs up to three passes over the file it is deleting for those wanting secure deletion of their files. A big thank you to the commenters for bringing this program, and its benchmarks, to my attention.

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Why dos this guy have all of the text on the download page in another language?

How rude!


"How rude !"

Seriously ?
The "guy" is Japanese, so the download sites are in "another language" just for you, not for him.
You should be thankful he put some effort in making an english version of his site.
Your comment is not rude, it's just stupid.
I didn't have any particular problem in downloading from a Japanese host.
Also the program is freeware.
Stop whining.

It's horrible!! FastCopy couldn't be any slower if it tried. Windows 10 is 10 times faster. So is growing grass.
I better be able to uninstall this without problem... =/