Fake online product reviews


I think we have all come across some anonymous reviewers who seem to over the top with their reviews. The problem is that today many of us read reviews from unknown people to decide what books to read, what movies to see, where we stay on holidays  and what resturants to try.

There is a good chance that many of these glowing or disarster reviews aren't authentic. Today many offer to write such reviews for marketing. Here are some that I pulled out of one such site, fiverr  where people advertise their services for such things.

Here are some samples of people offering their services at fiverr for Amazon.


Here are some out of fiverr for tripadvisor

If you see some suspicious reviews, this may help you, reviewskeptic Some of the travel websites are already starting to add this technology, although from what I understand not TripAdvisor. I look forward to a firefox add-on incorporating such technology, although I suspect that we are about to enter a battle between the writers of such reviews and the developers of this technology.


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