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eZ Publish

A candidate for the most capable PHP CMS.


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Most capable PHP CMS and one of the best eCommerce CMS solutions available.
Commercial installs are expensive.

Our Review:

eZ Publish is a candidate for the most capable PHP CMS. However, it uses a different form of PHP acceleration, so although it can live on shared hosting, that isn't the best option. Possibly the simplest route to a high-quality enterprise solution, LAMP stack, Dedibox or all-eZ servers are needed.

Like Drupal, it's probably best to use a distro install that packages all the extensions for a given profile. One of the best ecommerce CMS solutions available. Uses WebDAV just like some ASP CMS use .NET for development.

Commercial installs are expensive, nothing much happens under $30 or $40k - but this is all down to corporate implementer's overhead. A very competent CMS webmaster could get something reasonable running for very little - hosting will be an issue though.

The core is free, some plugins are free, others cost (and cost a goodly amount). Install on XAMP, get webDAV running, and play.

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