Extreme Road Trip 2


Extreme Road Trip 2

Fast and addictive game to perform your tricks and stunts before running out of gas.


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License: Free (In-App purchases)
Categories: Games, Casual Games, Simulation

Pros & Cons:

Addictive game-play; simple controls; lots of unlockable vehicles; visually attractive; only one pop-up ad at the start of the game
Only 3 power-ups

Our Review:

Extreme Road Trip 2 is a great fast-paced game you have to play and it gets quickly addictive too!

As the game describes in its tutorial, your brakes are stuck and you have to survive as long as you can. You will have to achieve boost from performing tricks so that you don't run out of gas, and while you're doing that, try grabbing some coins as well so that you can buy a range of better vehicles to try.

It has full Game Center support with achievements and besides the gameplay, you get to enjoy awesome music by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson of "Mass Effect 2" fame.

Extreme Road Trip 2 was reviewed by on based on version 3.3.1.