Explore the World from Four Basic Elements in this Thought Provoking Game


Alchemy Classic

The ancient Greeks believed that everything in the world was made up of four classical elements, i.e, earth, water, air and fire, which somehow align respectively with the four states of matter in physics, namely solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

These four basic elements are exactly what this logic puzzle game Alchemy Classic is about to provoke you into thinking: What new elements can I create by combining the elements that are available?

Look at these examples of creation: you can combine water and earth for swamp, water and air for fog, and earth and fire to make stones. Isn't it fun and fascinating? Altogether, there are more than 500 puzzles to solve starting from the basic elements in the game.

This brain-teaser game provides incredible leanings on interest and curiosity. Good to play if you are eager to explore the world that is formed from the classical elements. It is free to play on Android and iOS platforms, but the Windows version is a paid-for premium app for the time being.

Alchemy ClassicAlchemy Classic




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As hinted at in the first comment, a free Windows version of this game is apparently not available.

Since i don't currently have an Android tablet {a Surface GO is currently filling that ecological niche}, and i hate playing most games on a phone, i'll have to regretfully pass on this until it's either free for Windows or i get another Android tablet.