Explore A Virtual Human Body With Stunning Graphics


In the old days, learning about the components of the human body meant poring over a copy of Grey's Anatomy.  Or, if you were studying medicine, you could take a scalpel to a real cadavre of course.  

Now, thanks to a fabulous web site at www.biodigitalhuman.com, you can learn about the makings of the human body without having to resort to boring textbooks or a lab.  

With nothing more than a web browser and a decent internet connection you can browse the virtual skeleton.  You can choose between male and female, zoom and rotate the skeleton, and turn on/off the display of specific bodily systems such as reproductive, cardiovascular and so on. You can also view the location and symptoms of hundreds of common diseases.

Whether you're a wannabe surgeon or merely an interested bystander, this site really is something special.  A truly excellent educational resource.




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