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Streaming music websiteThe web is a great place to discover new music. As I found out myself just a couple of days ago when I found out about a stunningly good singer called Jasmine Thompson. Her 15th birthday is this coming week, yet she has an amazingly accomplished and mature voice. I recommend that you check our her work.

If you immediately think of heading to Spotify or Youtube in order to do so, why not try a different streaming site for a change? Rdio offers thousands of tracks, which you can stream for free. It's ad-supported, meaning you'll hear occasional adverts if you don't pay for a subscription. But it's still a brilliant place to browse and discover new music as well as being able to stream tracks from artists you already know.

Check out the site, and Jasmine Thompson at the same time, by heading to http://www.rdio.com/artist/Jasmine_Thompson from any web browser.



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Rdio has received rave reviews for how it's refreshingly different from the big boys. But, two things:

1. It's not available in all countries.
2. It's been acquired by Pandora, so is not likely to last very long as a standalone service.

I have over a dozen online radio/music streaming sites bookmarked but I will pass on this one since their homepage offers no hint of what artists or stations are actually available.