Everything You Need To Know About Your Browser. Or Someone Else's.


Web browser diagnostic toolIf you're having a problem on the internet, you need to know which browser you're using before you can start tracking down the cause of the problem. But you may not necessarily know all the details.

If you're trying to help someone track down a web-related issue, you need to know about their browser. But they may not necessarily know all the details.

That's why a clever site called www.whatismybrowser.com impressed me when I came across it recently. Just surf there (from any browser!) and it tells you which browser and operating system you're using. It will tell you if the browser is out of date and, if so, will give you a direct link to the update. It'll tell you whether Java, Javascript, Flash etc are active and/or enabled. And much more besides.

So add the URL to your shortcuts now. You never know when you may need it.



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A great site for users of Mozilla Firefox providing you don't use addon 'NoScript' if you do tough.