An excellent solution to manage notes and snippets of information across multiple platforms


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Supports contents including text and images with drag-and-drop, organize notes with tags, easy sorting and searching, multiple platforms, online syncing.
Free account comes with a lower upload limit and other restrictions.

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Evernote is an outstanding product that provides you with an excellent solution to manage notes and snippets of information. You can create notes on the page, drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste them with material including text and images.

This application supports multiple notebooks. To help organize your notes, the program allows for attaching multiple tags to a note. You can then choose to enter your tags, in addition to any keywords, to search for the stored information, while you can also sort your notes easily by a column title in a list view.

Clipping of web contents is made easier with its Web Clipper, which can be added as a bookmarklet or an extension to browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. If the desktop program is installed, the clips go directly to the local application. Otherwise, they go to the Evernote Web application via a pop-up.

Evernote is available across multiple platforms.

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