A capable all-round organiser with a calendar, reminder, to-do program, address book and more


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Lots of features, a free iPhone and Android app also available.
Maybe too many features if you just want a calendar program.

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EssentialPIM ("EPIM") is not just a calendar, reminder and To-Do program but a very capable all-round organiser with a contacts address book, password manager and even a notepad built in. So let's have a look at some of the features of this all-in-one calendar and organiser.

There is a free Android and iPhone app available which gives the users the option to access their calendar on the move which will prove very useful. The calendar app will sync with the desktop program so if a calendar entry is added on the mobile app, it will be added on the desktop version and vice versa when there's an Internet connection. In this mobile age, many users will find this invaluable.

To suit the users, the desktop calendar can be displayed in day, week, month or year views, indicating the amount of appointments or activities they have on the calendar. I also like the option to display a schedule in form of stickies. There are other options for personalization under the options menu.

Another useful time-saving feature is, if an appointment time changes, the users don't need to edit the entry; they can just drag and drop it into a new time slot.

There is also an option to password protect the calendar and the option to print the calendar if needed. EPIM supports backup and restore, and the backup can be set to auto-save every x amount of minutes or on minimizing.

EPIM supports imports from other calendars in ical format and exports to HTML and ical format. In these formats, reminders and To-Do's can be imported or exported.

As a password manager, EPIM can import from Roboform HTML, Keepass XML and CSV files, while passwords can be exported to a CSV file. The notepad, with a built-in spellchecker, supports imports from or exports to RTF/TXT, Treepad and Keynote. Your email or other contacts can be imported from CSV and vcard, and exported to CSV, HTML, RTF, TXT and vcard.

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I'd love to switch to a calendar/reminder program that would sync with mobile devices, but it must be able to import my (thousands?) of appointments currently in Outlook. I see this says email and contacts can be imported from csv--but not appointments !!!