Essential PIM Gets An Update


Essential PIMI'm a fan of Essential PIM. If you've ever used Microsoft Outlook (notes, tasks, calendar and email) then think of Essential PIM as being what Outlook should have been. It's really powerful, easy to use, and makes it really easy to find your information. And unlike Outlook, Essential PIM includes a password manager and dozens of other things too.

The full program is commercial and costs around $40. But there's also a completely free version which gives you basic versions of notes, tasks, email, passwords, contacts and calendar. It's a great way to keep all your notes and information in one handy place (ie a single database file which you can easily back up for safety).

Last week, Essential PIM was updated to version 7.6 so if you're using an older version you should update. If you haven't yet tried the program, give it a go. I use it every day and I'm very impressed.

You'll find the link to the download of the free version at the bottom of the page. It's available in installable or portable forms. The downloads are malware-free according to VirusTotal.

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I don't know what the issue is...
The links appear to be marked pretty clearly at the bottom of
There are TWO links for the free version, one as an installer and one as a portable (unzip and run) version.

I use the portable. You download, unzip into a chosen directory, and run it.

Who downloads from CNet? Bpppp!

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Ditto. I won't download from CNet, anymore. They've blown their credibility

I would love to try EssentialPIM, BUT, I have yet to find a Download page that does not have at least three download buttons, NONE of which clearly spells out WHAT I will be downloading. Sorry, but if they cannot be up front and honest about offering their product, I'm not interested.

On the page, for which the link is provided in the article, towards the end, you will find links/buttons to download the free version, mentioned clearly.

The only way I found to download the free version was via Cnet, whom I don't trust.