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WedMD iconWedMDDo you eat what you want or are you concerned about your health with some dietary guidelines under certain conditions? Or is there a symptom which may be of relevance to you and you need to find out?

Besides heading to that has been a resourceful site to gain medical knowledge and live a healthy life, you can get a free and decent mobile app WebMD easy for use on the go.

The WebMD app is equipped with a useful symptom checker where you can select the part of the body that is troubling you, choose your symptoms and learn about potential conditions or issues.

From an extensive database, you can find medically reviewed information about the conditions relevant to you, the symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatments and questions to ask your doctor; you can also check out a medicine, supplement or vitamin, how it works, why it is used, side effects, warnings and more.

The app also gives you a handy guide and first aid information for medical emergencies, ranging from abdominal pain in adults and children down to wrist injury. Thankfully this part of information is built into the app and accessible even without an Internet connection.

Applicable in some countries, the local health listings in the app are convenient for you to find the closest physician, hospital and pharmacy based on your current location or you can search by city and state, or zip code.

This mobile app is indeed helpful to any health conscious person. That said, never disregard or delay in seeking professional medical advice simply because of having this app though.



For Android
Size: 13 MB

For iPhone
Size: 33.4 MB


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In the main body of your article, you have this phrase: "Besides heading to that has been a resourceful site to gain medical knowledge ....". Be advised that "" is a TYPO! I believe you meant "", didn't you?

Thank you for pointing this out kkanalz, it is now fixed. :) MC - Site Manager.
Thanks kkanalz and MC. It skipped my eyes despite after a few rounds of reading.

An app that shows an anatomically flawed male doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence but the website has an excellent reputation so this is worth checking out.