Equip Your Android System with a Recycle Bin


Dumpster iconDumpsterA recycle bin in your Windows desktop system keeps your deleted files until you empty it, thus giving you a good chance of restoring important files that you have accidentally or unintentionally removed.

Android mobile system does not have these bells and whistles by default but you can install a third party app like Dumpster Image & Video Restore (or "Dumpster" in short) that fits the bill.

Either you have deleted some photos, music or videos using the Gallery app, or have removed some documents using a file manager app, Dumpster keeps your deleted files and gives you a second opportunity to decide if you want to permanently get rid of them from your device, or restore them to the original location.

For this to work, bear in mind that you need to install Dumpster before deleting any files. You can't recover any files that were removed before installing this app.

Dumpster is a useful recycled bin for your Android system and it monitors deletion of files from most apps. Some apps like Google Photos and ES File Explorer have a built-in recycle bin, but they only manage files deleted from their own apps.

With Dumpster, you can choose to monitor certain type of documents, such as images, videos, audio, documents or other files on deletions. Deleted files kept in a bin take up storage space on your device, but you can manually empty the bin or automatically clean it after a period of time you set.

This app is supported by ads, with in-app purchases to remove ads and get more features such as a lockscreen to keep your deleted files private.


Dumpster Image & Video Restore

For Android
Size: 19.5 MB (Varies with device)
Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baloota.dumpster


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This today really saved me, I deleted a whole lot of photos a few days ago and thought I was f*k with the wife and today I remembered that I had Dumpster. Looked there and found them. My life was saved. 

Thanks Jojo for writing this up.

I think it should go into the best android list.

I'm glad that you like it bernardz.

How come nobody has previously thought about such a concept!? This might be pretty much useful! Thanks!