Epic Games Continues Weekly Free Games in 2020


Epic Games Free

Since Epic Games launched in December 2018 they’ve given at least one free game every two weeks (70+ free games).
It’s been so successful that an announcement states they'll be offering a free game every week through 2020.

Epic Games is a platform similar to Steam for PC and Mac. In addition to Fortnight and Unreal Tournament they have a good range of games. There’s currently no list of planned releases of free games so you’ll need to visit to see what's new. Games are scheduled to be released every Thursday.
The free games are available to anyone who has or creates a free account at the Epic Store, and once a game is in your library it’s yours to keep.

In addition to newest free game, you can download other free games, join a free-to-play game and see the next free offer.

Free Epic Games

(h/t Windows Central)

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You are required to download and install the Epic game installer. I am capable of installing games for myself. I will skip this but appreciate the offer.

Although my laptops are I-3 processors, if offered, retro games would be of interest and I'll be checking to see if they're offered! So thanks for this Rhiannon!

You're very welcome. Epic is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. I didn't run across hardware requirements so I hope they can run on your laptops. :)