Encrypted, Free, Private Chat. Probably.


Cryptocat browser chat windowCryptocat is a browser-based chat facility that allows you to communicate privately online with one or more other participants. Use it to collaborate across the internet with family, friends, colleagues, clients, service providers, and anyone else you want to talk to.

Cryptocat is a browser add-in, available for Chrome, Firefox and others. You'll find all the download links and other instructions at https://crypto.cat/

Interestingly, Cryptocat claims that it's fully encrypted, and certainly appears to be going through all the motions of "creating encryption keys" and so on, when you first start it. Whether it really is doing this, or whether the operators of the servers can read all your communications, I guess we can't know for sure. Which is why you should never trust your deepest secrets to this, or to any other cloud-based service.

But if you want to know more about the system, check it out by installing the browser add-in and then choosing the name of the chat room to enter. You can start your own room by entering a name that doesn't exist, or join the community forum area by choosing the "lobby" room where you'll probably find a number of other users waiting to talk to you.

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BTW anyone using the Surespot app, the Feds have probably compromised it.

"Patrick G. Eddington writes in a Christian Science Monitor op-ed about indications that the government may be snooping on users of Surespot, a free and open source encrypted messaging app for Android and iOS."


Tox isn't complete yet but what is there looks very good on spec. I really like the video. Does it work?


Cryocat looks good too although it does not have video.


If you are going to do something like this, I suggest over an encrypted VPN based in some European countries.

I like tox protocol: