Emsisoft Emergency Kit


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This product is portable.

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anti-malware, second opinion scanner, remove rootkit, remove malware, remove PUP, remove virus

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340 MB



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32 and 64 bit versions available

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Pleasing GUI, Portable installer, Easy to use, Fast scan speeds, Uses Bitdefender database, Good at detecting old malware & malicious registry keys, effective against PUP's & adwares, able to implement direct disk access and scan in NTFS alternate data streams


Huge download size, Large updates, High RAM usage, No proper cloud implementation, Poor against new and fileless malwares, Occasional pop-up ads

Product type: 

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
The download for the installer was a hefty 340MB and also consumed considerable hard disk space on install which was around 650MB. Barring all that, there was no bundled software to uncheck during install, however after each scan, a pop-up asks me if I want to install Emsisoft protection. 
Emsisoft has a visually appealing and clean GUI with no clutter whatsoever. There are 2 exe's inside EEK folder, the first to open a command line scanner and the second with a normal GUI. The main GUI presents 4 options: Update, Scan, Quarantine & Logs. The Logs section allows you to search by date, component and action name and has probably the best layout among all tested scanners. The Quarantine section let's you mark infections as false positives and also custom add files to the chest. 
The scan options presents 3 different modes: Quick scan: only for active programs and checks for malware traces, Malware scan: scans all places where malware typically infects, Custom scan: for files/folders and optional scan settings. Emsisoft allows you to save, export and import settings for scan which is a neat feature. Quick scan took around 55 seconds (63341 files) to complete and Malware scan took around 5 minutes (76659 files) to finish.  The portable nature of the installer means that you can run it directly from a pen drive without leaving traces behind and is really helpful when you are running it on an infected PC. After each signature update, Emsisoft rescans the quaratine files. Scan exclusions can be defined using wildcards/environment variables.
Startup time is longer compared to other scanners as it tries to load malware signatures and also updating the signatures took considerable time & bandwidth.  Emsisoft has considerably good scan speeds, is great at detecting old malware, good at detecting PUP's/adware's, performs well in finding malicious registry keys. 
However the cloud implementation is limited that works only on file execution & not during scan. Emsisoft is poor at detecting new malware, and is weak against fileless malware. 

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