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There are plenty of free programs around for reading PDF files.  There's Adobe's official app, of course, as well as lightweight alternatives such as Foxit Reader.  But if you want to edit a PDF file, your choices are much more limited. 

Or at least they were until now.  Because PDF Escape (www.pdfescape.com) doesn't just let you edit PDF files (change the text, move pages around, etc etc), it's totally free to use and it's an online app.  So there's nothing to download or install.  Just fire up your web browser, upload the PDF file in question, perform the required actions, then download the results.

Apart from the security implications inherent in all such online services (you should think twice before uploading a highly confidential file to any online service), I can't think of any other drawbacks.  As you can see from the screent shot below, I've tried it and it works very well indeed.

My thanks to reader Jesse for telling me about this useful utility.



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Works real nice. I like it. Easy to upload pages,edit append and save. Thanks for a nice product.

how we can upload a file for editing

First time trying this software hopefully it will be useful.


Click on:

- "Edit your PDF now"
- "Continue to PDFescape"
- "Upload PDF to PDFescape"
- "Browse"

Navigate to your PDF file and double-click it.

Thank you for the free use of the PDF Editor