Easy Way to Customize the System Folders “Computer” in Windows 7 and 8 and “This PC” in Windows 8.1


The system folder that was once called My Computer became simply Computer in Windows 7/8 and has now morphed into This PC in Windows 8.1. Whatever you call it, it is convenient to be able to modify its contents to suit your own way of doing things. Computer and This PC are not regular folders so you can’t just add or delete a shortcut or file there the usual way. However, there is a free portable utility that makes it easy to edit the contents to suit yourself.

The utility is called "This PC Tweaker" and is from WinAero. It is described at the developer’s site here. This page is worth reading before you try out the utility and has video clips demonstrating the use of the utility. The download page is here.The download is a 1 MB ZIP file containing a Windows 7 version and a Windows 8/8.1 version. In each case there are both 32- and 64-bit versions. No installation is required but the program EXE file has an accompanying DLL file. It is probably best to unzip the two files appropriate to your setup into a separate folder, which can then be placed anywhere convenient. If desired, there are also localization files for non-English versions. The utility requires administrative privileges to run.

Use of the utility is quite simple and is explained in detail on the developer’s site. An example of the program interface in Windows 8.1 is shown in the graphic below.

Tweak This PC utility

The program does get tagged by 2 of 53 scans at VirusTotal. However, these seem to be false positives. It was rated safe on my computer by MalwareBytes and by several scans with anti-virus programs. The download site has a green WOT rating. I found no reports of any problems in reviews on the web.

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Will the person who gave this article a rating of "1" please tell us why such a poor rating? If a utility that is described is not good or the article is incorrect, it would be a courtesy to us all to have the details. Exchanging information is very important.

Yeah I second this utility. All Winaero tools are fantastic and very safe to use. The developer is a genius.

Any detections at VirusTotal are false positives, I can assure you.

Winaero stuff is officially awesome. He has some really great tweaking tools