Easy Tool To Help Your Website Rise Up Google's Results


SEO optimization toolIf you or your business have a web site, you'll probably have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It's all about the techniques you use in order to persuade search engines such as Google to list your site higher than others when people search for particular keywords or phrases.

SEO is a long and complicated process. Changes to your site won't be instantly reflected in the results, but the hardest part is often more about finding information on which things you should be changing. Which is where a clever online tool called COAT comes in.

COAT, from a web consultancy called Zazzle, is a Content Optimization and Auditing Tool. To use it, just head to https://www.zazzlemedia.co.uk/content-auditing-tool/ and enter details of your web site and the keywords you're hoping to match on. The tool will perform the necessary analysis and email you a useful report with some steps that you can take to improve your rankings.

COAT is free to use.

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https://www.zazzlemedia.co.uk/ took my details asked me for email details and after that the site went blank, seems to working for ever, or harvesting keywords for self, another snake oil company.

Google keeps changing keywords based on demand and supply .

Only seems to work for UK search results.

Or pay Google...

When I come across websites that claim they can help improve the ranking of others the first thing I do is check on their own internet footprint. According to Alexa analytics Zazzlemedia has a global traffic ranking of 333,188. Maybe they need to upgrade that keyword list.

"When I come across websites that claim they can help improve the ranking of others the first thing I do is check on their own internet footprint"


The SEO sphere is filled with scams, so due diligence is crucial before parting with any money. Besides, Google has gradually frozen out small operators over the past 5-6 years as they drive more traffic to the big brands who either pay big bucks or have teams specializing in SEO.

That said, if you already know the basics of SEO, a quick visit to a freebie shouldn't hurt--you never know where you'll get a useful idea.

For those interested, some reputable places to read about and discuss SEO and SEM are SearchEngineLand and WebMasterWorld--I've read lots of useful posts from knowledgeable people at these and similar sites over the past decade.

It's a good ideaI am convinced most of this is snake oil. Nobody really knows how the goggle algorithms work and they change all the time..The main  method most use is to look at number one now in the keyword they want and then try to duplicate that. I do not see this working.

Still I got a report of the company, I work for website and this is not much of a report. [commercial reference removed as per site rules]