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Here's an easy way to share text and images online anonymously and without creating an account. With JustPasteIt you can upload and share almost anything that's text or an image; parts of websites, articles, notes, ideas, snippets of code, recipes and more. You don't need an account to publish anything, and there aren't any ads on the site.

The interface is simple to use and loads fast on slow connections. Easily create, edit, and publish text and images and embed videos. Thankfully, formatting is retained when pasting content from a word processor or website (excluding some page elements like boxes). Image size per note is 20 MB in the free version.

There's a text editor with some good tools to format text (change font color and justification, indent text, inserting bulleted or numbered lists, paste as text, and supports right-to-left languages). There's no option to change the font, but other basics are there.
There are useful HTML functions, like adding or removing links and the ability to edit HTML in a separate window that displays the code. You can save your work as source code in several languages (code will be colored appropriately) or use the [code][/code] tags.

The site has an auto-save feature, though clicking or tapping inside the main window will save changes. Notes and images can be downloaded as PDF files. The site tracks and displays how many visits a note has gotten, when it was created, and how many people are currently viewing your note.

PasteIt automatically creates links to whatever you publish. There's a long link, and a short link that's useful for sharing in email or on social media sites. Or, you can create a custom page name.
Publishing a note brings up a "prove you're a human" captcha that requires you to identify and click on items in a multi-paned window. In my use the amount varied. There was a single captcha and one that led me through 8 separate windows, clicking on cars, signs, and storefronts.
The premium version includes password protection and larger image sizes, but for most of us, the free version works well.


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