Easily Delete Your Online Accounts With Account Killer (Website of the Week)


Account Killer provides instructions to remove your account or public profile on most popular websites, including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Hotmail / Live, Twitter, MSN / Messenger, Google and many more.

Deleting any of your online accounts seems like it should be easy. For the most part, it isn't. I've found deleting online accounts to be time consuming and frustrating. Account Killer collects direct links and deleting instructions to make account termination easier. Some online accounts are difficult or impossible to delete - Account Killer has a color ranking system that tells at a glance how easy or difficult any given account is to delete, along with links that go directly to the account deletion page. There are categories for popular sites, blacklisted sites, white-listed sites, and  all sites. There's a useful search box that brings up results - typing in a few letters brings up a drop down menu listing site matches. This site is definitely worth a visit whether you want to delete an account or bookmark it for future use.

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I'm looking for something an bit less violent. More like an account delete. then Account Killer. However, at times you have to do, what you have to do. I'll give it a try.

You might want to try Just Delete Me

Had 2 FaceBook accounts and wanted to delete my old account and tried many times and was not successful so i gave Account Killer a try and it really "killed" it. No issues what so ever....... so if you have any problems deleting or closing an account give Account Killer a try. I did and it works......

I'm glad it worked for you. :) There are several sites that do the same thing, but none I found were as comprehensive or as easy to use as Account Killer.