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RAR for Android iconRAR for AndroidHow many times have we found ourselves in the situation of wanting to create a RAR file directly from our mobile devices? The evolution of mobile phones and tablets has made this functionality something that we need more and more. RAR for Android is not the first compression app to come to Android, but it is certainly the only one to provide RAR compression in a very solid way because it comes from RARLAB, that's right, the guys behind WinRAR.

As an official RARLAB app, RAR for Android allows you to create RAR, RAR4 and ZIP archives and decompress RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, X7, 7z, ISO, ARJ as well as multi-part RAR files. But its features don’t end there, as it adds the option to repair damaged ZIP and RAR files, perform a registry recovery, encrypt your files or use a multi-core CPU (provided you have one) to accelerate the data compression / decompression.

The integrated file browser will allow you to extract files in an instant; we can even select several files and extract them at once to save time. To make things easier, RAR for Android has the option to add files to favorites, so that we can include those files we use often in a faster way.

Creating a new file is really easy, as the app offers both basic and advanced options. You can select the file type to be created (RAR, RAR4, ZIP), set a password, create solid archives, choose the compression level or select the number of parts you divide a file into.

We can also activate a large number of additional parameters through the Options tab within the Compression options menu, such as verify compressed files, create separate archive files, use BLAKE2 file checksum (instead of CRC32), show archiving time, use archive name mask (so that we can have a pattern to name our compressed files every time we create them).

There is an option to save presets to a profile, that way we won’t need to choose the parameters we want every time we create a new compressed file.

The file extraction options are very complete. Besides the obvious extraction path, you can set various parameters such as ask before overwrite, skip the existing files, keep broken files or extract archives to subfolders.

As a bonus, the embedded "Benchmark" option will help you to test your device's file compression speed. It supports single core CPUs as well as the latest multi-core CPUs.

The app's interface is simple and intuitive both for beginners and advanced users. One of its stronger points is that it uses the native Holo style that we know so well in Android and you can choose between the default Holo Dark theme or the alternative Holo Light theme.

RAR for Android is a solid compression app, made with careful detail while keeping lots of customization options. It has now reached a 4.6 out of 5 rating, and the feedback from the users who already have it installed is generally positive. All this makes RAR for Android a great choice for users who prefer the RAR format above the rest.

RAR for Android can be installed on any device running Android v4.0 and up, it is a 2.5 MB download and will take only 3.6 MB of your storage space once it has been installed. If you run into any questions about the app’s functions, the guys at RARLAB have also included a very detailed help section, just tap on the Help button.

Needless to say, RAR for Android is completely free (didn’t we mention it already?). There are no hidden charges, no in-app purchases, no ads; just plain good freeware.


RAR for Android — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 2.5 MB
Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rarlab.rar


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Just for your information, the latest RAR for Android update (v5.10.build13) added enhanced decompression for ZIPX files that were created using BZIP2, LZMA or PPMd compression methods. It can now also extract the newest RAR5 versions as well as UDF and ISO9660 ISO image files.

"How many times have we found ourselves in the situation of wanting to create a RAR file directly from our mobile devices? The evolution of mobile phones and tablets has made this functionality something that we need more and more."

This reads like a paid advertisement. Unless you're generating enormous quantities of easily-compressed data on your mobile device, the necessity of such functionality is questionable.

And why RAR? The open-source 7-Zip would be a much more appealing alternative – not only because it seems to provide better, faster compression, but because as an open format it is likely to remain accessible far into the future and not just as far as RARLAB wants its proprietary algorithm to remain so.

Hi Jorpho, Let me say that we, at Gizmo's, do no accept any kind of "sponsored apps" and such, that would be contrary to our principles. We mentioned RAR for Android because we though some people might find it useful. It is a completely free app, it has no ads and we didn't find hidden charges nor in-app purchases. Its permissions are not on the "strange" side either. There are, of course, alternatives to compress files to 7z or Zip directly from our Android devices; apps such as ZArchiver and B1Archiver can perform this task. Both of them are mentioned here: http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-android-apps.htm?page=0,4#File.... RAR might be a proprietary format, but Android's main advantage is variety. You can choose any app you want and create / extract files using the file format that best meets your needs, whether it be 7z, Zip, RAR, TAR, GZ, BZ2, X7 or ARJ. Thank you taking the time to read the article. Regards.