The fastest download manager that even beats its commercial alternatives.


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Fastest in the tests, Charming drag'n'drop UI, Skins and Themes, Supports BitTorrents, Batch download, Refresh download address, Integration with browsers, 3-way Streaming media download, Multiple queue schedules, Website login manager, Continuous updates.
Stability issues, Bundled offer during installation.

Our Review:

The search for an alternative to the most cracked commercial download manager ended with EagleGet, widely considered as the IDM killer (Internet Download Manager). Its unmatched media detection and download capability, popular browsers integration along with custom browsers support, creation of multiple queues for organized and scheduled downloads, timely and frequent updates with good support from the developer make it an ideal choice and in most ways a better choice to its commercial competitor.

Installation & Interface: EagleGet is packed into less than 6MB and integrates seamlessly with most of the popular browsers, full marks to flawless integration among the most widely used browsers along with support for various other browsers. Hard disk and memory footprints are around 14MB and 18MB. There is also a portable version for anyone who doesn't want to leave registry traces.

Note: In the latest 2.0.30 version you are provided with 2 options during install. a) Ads (do not use my resources), which places a small window ad about iNewTab, their extension in Chrome store, and b) Free (use my resources), which is required to use the Shared VPN feature, but will share some of your personal details like IP Address etc. I recommend to use Ads version, which is not intrusive at all anyway. 

The interface looks modern and supports various custom skins and themes along with the ability to customize the contrast, colours and saturation. Downloads can be sorted by date, type, name and sizes. Eagleget is the only download manager that supports drag 'n drop of download tasks for prioritization in the queue. Task Monitor shows quick info about active downloads on the desktop.

Features & Usability: Closing the gap between a stand-alone download manager and video downloader, EagleGet monitors media contents across most streaming sites and users can choose to download them with 3 different technologies: using extension in browser, using video sniffer and using media grabber. Auto-categorization when enabled groups files in different folders according to their type during download. The pre-download feature provides faster downloads without waiting for user interaction. Refresh download address is a unique feature to continue downloading almost any broken/incomplete task.

Apart from popular browsers, this versatile download manager can also integrate with custom browsers among the many Firefox and Chromium clones. Multiple download queues both scheduled and unscheduled can be set-up for timed as well as group downloads. Various other features like site manager for auto-login to websites, batch download from webpages, capture from file hosting sites, automation tasks and virus checking, file type and website exclusions/inclusions as well as a task cleaner are included.

Updates & Support: An actively supported download manager, EagleGet's updates are rolled out at least once in a month, with bug-fixes and new features. Although it falls slightly short in stability compared to other download managers, this issue is getting addressed with each update and timely intervention from the developer. The forums are a nice place to be in, where a lot of new features and bug-fixes are being addressed and heeded to.

EagleGet was reviewed by on based on version 2.0.4.


I installed this from the Chrome Extension store. It said it didn't install properly and went through a whole routine of downloading a file which I then installed. There was no bundled software agreement. What I did get was a pop up that pasted itself over every screen and I couldn't do a snip of. It said, "Your use of "EagleGet" is free of charge in exchange for safely sharing some of your device's idle resources for the benefit of others. etc. Then there was a choice o show ads or use it for free on agreement of using idle resources. It was impossible to close this screen, one or other had to be agreed so I wouldn't install this anyway. I went to the task manager and found Luminati SDK there. This seems to be a proxy network using "minimal resources", ie. up to 60% of your resources and also your wifi and data. I'm on a metered plan and they have no idea if their customers are doing heavy downloading or not. Here comes Revo!

I noticed this in the latest update 2.0.30 which came out yesterday. Apparently the safer way out is to use the Free (Ads) version. I had no problem in closing that screen with the x button on top right. 

For the time being being, I urge the readers to either stick with v2.0.28 or if you are updating it to v2.0.30 please choose the option for Ads (Don't use my resources) part. I'd definitely recommend the latter part because there are some major bugs resolved in this version. All you would see is a small ad about iNewTab on the bottom left of the interface. 

The installer is reported clean according to VT results

It seems that in the latest version they have added Shared VPN feature (Hola VPN) which basically helps to download videos from proxy sites, to remove region restrictions. To use this feature you need to enable Free (Use my idle resources) part when the pop-up shows up. 

But with Hola VPN comes the Luminati SDK service. In return for sharing your IP address you get the software witout ads. This is something that I'm not interested in. 

I've noticed that the installers downloaded from their main page contains the luminati SDK.
While the installers downloaded DIRECTLY from their forum (http://forum.eagleget.com/viewforum.php?id=3) is clean from the luminati SDK thing, though it still bundles the iNewTab extension.
When first using the version directly downloaded from their forum, no prompt to choose from FREE and ADS version appeared, and no luminati SDK updater process run in background.
So you may include this information in your review to help people to steer away from the normal, sdk bundled version.