A fine addition to the Breakout genre with excellent gameplay and good graphics.


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License: Free
Website: DX-Ball
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Breakout Game
Categories: Games, Breakout Games

Pros & Cons:

Excellent gameplay and good graphics.
Can take a while to clear the screen when there is only one brick left.

Our Review:

DX-Ball is now over 10 years old but is still a fine addition to the Breakout genre. Excellent gameplay and good graphics make this Breakout clone an enjoyable game. Though sometimes it can take pretty long when there is only one tiny brick left and you are trying to hit it.

It's based on the classic Amiga game, Megaball, which also has become freeware status and can be downloaded here.  (Note: Megaball is not a native Windows game. The free Amiga Emulator UAE - Win, Mac, Linux - is needed to run it.). This game has also inspired another freeware remake called SDL-Ball.

DX-Ball was reviewed by on based on version 2.0.