Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress

Fond memories of 1980s / 1990s gaming


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Pros & Cons:

Addictive, in alpha so a lot of updates and features on the way.
Looks pretty darned poor (visually), complex.

Our Review:

Dwarf Fortress is so horrendously indepth. It's nearing insanity, everything from the dynamic flow of water in the moats to several dozen types of ore, gems and utility stones by the book. You can spend anything from minutes to hours playing this 'uber' creative game. Best of all it's only in alpha which is the infant stage of all computer games. It's so new that you're not even allowed to capitalize the 'a' in alpha! This means that they are initializing new features a lot.

For the first few hours there is a steep learning curve - you'll probably be unsure of what you're doing. However, the Dwarf Fortress Wiki or captnducks video tutorials may come in handy.

Another problem is that it doesn't look pretty at all. It definitely needs a GUI facelift which I hope may come as soon as the next release or as late as the Beta version. I would recommend this to any nerd who has fond memories of 1980s/1990s gaming.

(Credit to Stickman for suggesting this game to be on the list.)

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