DVD slideshow GUI


DVD slideshow GUI

A user interface for various great tools needed to make your own slideshow of photos.


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Packed with more features, useful tools to pan, zoom and rotate images with a variety of transition effects, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles, export to popular video formats, support HD videos, authoring and burning to optical disks.
Not as easy and intuitive to use as Photo Story. Some errors encountered when running the program with over 100 images or greater than 50 MB audio files. Since the program is a shell for several open source programs (ie DVDauthor, Imagburn), user may have to seek more information for effective use.

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DVD slideshow GUI is a user interface for various great tools needed to make your own slideshow of photos. It is not as easy and intuitive to use as Photo Story but it's packed with more features favored by more experienced users.

Not only can you import photos and soundtracks with the program, you can also add to your project additional media types such as videos in avi or avs format, and presentation files in ppt or odp format.

Useful tools are ready for you to pan, zoom or rotate photos with a variety of transition effects and motion backgrounds as well as adding and editing borders and subtitles. It's also appealing to users because high definition videos up to 1080p are supported in project settings.

You can save your project file in dsg format for backup or export your result into popular video formats including: mp4, mpg, flv, avi, avs, etc. Further, you can author and burn a project file to a DVD for playback on a player or just save an iso file to your hard disk.

While running the current version of this program, I encountered some issues such as the system exception error when a project was previewed in Media Player Classic, but when the project was exported to an mpg file it played back smoothly on the same player.

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FYI...This program no longer works correctly when installed on Windows 10 64-bit version. It works on Windows 7 but not on Windows 10. I was able to get the preview function to work by installing an older version of DirectX but getting into the slide functions pan, zoom and rotation tool , you can manipulate the slide but the program will not keep the settings on the slide. I also had problems with the tsMuxeR program. It would open up the cmd/terminal window but it just hangs up and you are unable to close the window even in Task Manager. You have to reboot your PC to stop the program from running.

DVD Slideshow GUI was a great program back in the days of Windows 7 but because it is no longer being updated and not a fully functional software anymore it should be removed from the best DVD Slideshow reviews.

As of last month the percentage user share for Windows 10 has dropped and that for Windows 7 increased no doubt because more people are moving back to a system they regard as better than it's "upgrade". With Windows 10 having only 38% of the Windows user base, software still running on 7 and even XP still has a valid place here. MC - Site Manager.