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DVD Profiler

A professional and powerful tool that offers excellent organization of a DVD collection of unlimited size.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free DVD Collection Software

Pros & Cons:

Professional looks, highly configurable, many features, skinable, XML export, statistics, broad online community, profile export.
Some feature become unavailable in the freeware version above 50 DVD's.

Our Review:

DVD Profiler - Invelos offers a free version of its amazing DVDProfiler. All basic features are available for an unlimited time and for unlimited DVDs, and that's more than enough. Some of the nice-to-have features become disabled after 50 DVDs, but nothing you would really miss.

DVD Profiler Free is undoubtedly my top choice in this category. The application looks very professional, and the variety of features and configurability is amazing. You can design the layout to your liking by using skins and themes and reorganizing window elements.

To add a new DVD, simply enter the UPC code or movie title, and DVD Profiler will download all of the related information, including cover images. You can use DVD Profiler to organize and rate your DVDs by categories (movie, audio, etc.), and it also supports rental tracking if you decide to lend your movies to your friends. The wide variety of statistical information includes genre, film studio, rating, release dates, and much more. If you use phpMyProfiler with your data (see below) you'll get even more stats (e.g., that Samuel L. Jackson plays in nearly every movie I own).

Some of the features that become disabled after 50 DVDs are: upload/share your collection at Invelos Online, download/view/print reports, export to XML and high resolution cover scans. But even without these features, you'll enjoy a professional and powerful tool that offers excellent organization of a DVD collection of unlimited size, with no ads and no nag screens. Worthwhile, yes? My top choice.

A portable version of this product is available from the developer.


phpMyProfiler phpMyProfiler - is not a Windows based program. It's a PHP/MySQL web script and an excellent addition for those of you who use DVD Profiler and want to host your own DVD-collection website. Just install the script on your web server, and import the XML file that you've exported from DVD Profiler (remember that "Export to XML" in DVD Profiler is limited to 50 DVDs in the free edition. The "unlimited" purchase price is $29.95 as of June 13, 2008). See this example.

DVD Profiler was reviewed by on based on version 3.7.2.