DVD Authoring Software That's Open Source And Free


DVD Flick windowIf you have a collection of video files on your PC and you want to assemble them into a playable DVD, you'll need some DVD authoring software. Not only is DVD Flick available for free, but it also comes with complete source code if you want to study how it works. It will let you combine video clips into files that you can burn to a disc or play from your computer, and you can add audio from separate files too.

DVD Flick is available from www.dvdflick.net and the download is around 13 MB. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Full instructions are included, and you're recommended to read the beginner's guide before getting started.

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The link is to software called DVD Creator and costs $50 for a license. It installs seemingly ok and seemingly free (per the license) for individuals, but since this will have solicitions to buy the product I will now uninstall it without trying it. There is no DVD Flick software unless your link got hijacked.

The link in the review is fine, and opens the site of DVD Flick, which is open source and free.

I'll second chisli's comment. The original DVD Flick hasn't been touched in nearly six years, and the attempted "v2" revival seems to have only lasted for two minor version updates.

I did use Flick for a few years until major audio sync problems appeared in the last version or two. Then I listened to the consensus to switch to AVStoDVD and have never looked back. AVStoDVD is also totally free, is quite mature, and is still being updated. Furthermore, the programmer actively supports it on at least two different forums (VideoHelp and Doom9). Rob, you should check it out.

You did not mention that this project is abandoned and continued with http://sourceforge.net/projects/dvdflick-v2/. It seems that also the new project is discontinued or has not full support. I used this program years ago and was quite happy with it.