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Duplicate Cleaner Free

A fast duplicate file cleaner in a streamlined user interface


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Fast scan, selection assistant, music search mode.
Installer is bundled with unwanted components. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 2+ to be installed.

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The following is an example of why you may require duplicate file software: you have 50 duplicates and you need to decide what to do with each file, but what you get are 50 pop-ups, one for every file. Duplicate Cleaner Free has a very streamlined user interface divided into tabs. The scanning job sequentially progresses to the next tab. It also scans for files matching their CRC checksums. Scanning is very fast in comparison to Clone Spy.

Scan results are shown as a list in the results tab, where you can select any file by looking at its name, size, date, location, or use ‘Selection Assistant’.

The Selection Assistant selects files by date, smaller/greater size, or by having a specific string in file name/file path. It offers image preview of common image formats, and has a music search mode which can involve bit rate and size. It can also create hard links of the deleted duplicate files to the single file which you opt to keep. Hard linked files behave like any standard files, but are cross-linked to one single file. Read further details about hard links before using this option.

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Jan 2017.
Hi Everyone, well I would like to feed back that I downloaded both the free (3.2.7) and pro (4.0) versions. According to VirusTotal, the free version has adware, whereas the Pro version does not. I installed the Pro version first, on its 15 day trial, and got on very well with it. I am a photo enthusiast and store my Raw files on an external hard drive, and was in a bit of a muddle with duplicates local and external. I found I didn't need the extra photo specific extras that the Pro version offers, and installed the free version (well I probably would find them very useful but didn't get that far). I got on very well with the software, the tabbed interface is excellent, as well as the video tutorial (its the only offering on their tutorials page) which I found enjoyably easy to understand.

When I next rebooted, Internet Explorer and WinPatrol informed me that it had had its homepage changed. I uninstalled the free version with Revo Uninstaller but IE still wanted to have its homepage changed. In the end had to do a system restore to get rid of the changes.

I checked out the other offerings here and found this best suited my not-too-techie abilities very well. All in all I love the software. These days of massive hard drives, it is so easy to gain duplicates scattered about. And yes, my hard drive is a bit of a mess lol! I was able to comfortably delete gigs of duplicates. I would like to use the free version but because it has bundled crapware in it I will not.

Reading through your overview page 'Best Free Duplicate File Remover' I see in the comments RandyDoqa in Nov 2013 notes it is bundled with OpenCandy. Then in March 14 inthefog claims it no longer has toolbar bundling. Currently on their download page, next to the free version, is a fancy blue shield thingy proudly stating '100% Clean' and next to it, 'No toolbars, bundling or other unwanted extras'. however VirusTotal would disagree with the statement: virustotal.com/en/file/2c020730883b340031acb91463b63c0517b7456185d7a2c5963152a428ac3c3e/analysis/1484158995/, as would I.

They are not doing themselves any favors by bundling in all this trouble!

Hope this is useful!