Dr.Web CureIt!


Dr.Web CureIt!

A malware scanner and removal tool effective at removing some rootkits


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Pros & Cons:

Sandbox environment useful for halting processes and scanning MBR.
Unable to detect some of the modern rootkits.

Our Review:

Dr.Web CureIt! is one that I always keep in my toolkit. It is not a standalone anti-rootkit tool like the other tools I recommended, rather it is a free malware scanner and removal tool that happens to be pretty effective at removing some rootkits but doesn't detect the modern threats in my testing.

It is always a good idea to have more than one tool capable of removal, so Dr. Web's freeware scanner is a great addition to anybody's arsenal.

What I have found useful is the sandbox environment it creates when it’s run. This is good as it stops all processes that some malware may try to run. It is also able to deep scan your drive and you can reboot back into this environment for further scanning and removal.

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