A decent and reliable driver backup software


Our rating: 

License: Free (Limited features)
Website: DriverMax

Pros & Cons:

Good interface. Reliable backup and restore.
Very slow in restoration of drivers. Many features and options stripped down since version 6.

Our Review:

DriverMax had a lot of useful options before version 6, but since version 6, all those useful options and features are gone. Quite disappointing.

This free version of DriverMax takes steps backwards in terms of options, and features. Now, there is no option to see, or save a report of existing drivers, a feature which was there in the earlier versions. The earlier versions offered options to save Windows drivers, and/or third party drivers. Now, only third party drivers can be backed up. Earlier, drivers for hidden devices, or phantom devices could be selected and backed up too. There are no such options now.

The interface is new, modern and improved, and the delays between operations present in the earlier versions is no longer there, which is good, but, these are the only improvements. Seems like they have decided to strip down the free version.

The backup screen shows only third party drivers to backup. There are no visible options, but on clicking the Backup button, the options to backup all, or selected drivers only, can be seen. If you do not choose the option to backup to location of your choice, the drivers will be backed up as a compressed zip archive in the My Drivers folder under My Documents. This is the default location where DriverMax will look for restoring drivers. Good thing is that, the restoration will take place from the zip archive itself, and there is no need to extract contents to any folder.

Restoration process is still slow, much slower than other programs. It might be a tad faster than its previous versions, but its still on the slower side. The restoration is reliable though.

Note : 1. DriverMax is now bundled with OpenCandy. Therefore, be careful during installation, and observe the screens carefully. Please avoid any third party software offered during installation.

Be careful during uninstallation too, as the offers are being presented during uninstallation too now.

2. The program now has the option of starting with Windows turned on by default. Users might want to turn that option off. The program stays in system tray once closed. It has to be exited from the tray to fully close the program.

DriverMax was reviewed by on based on version 8.25.