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License: Free (Open source)
Website: DriverBackup!

Pros & Cons:

Can back up drivers from offline system. Good program options. Works great for backup.
Not successful in restoring drivers. Not fully portable, since it requires .NET.

Our Review:

DriverBackup! has the ability to backup, and restore drivers, but unfortunately, the restore feature did not work for me, for unknown reasons. This is disappointing, as I had high hopes with this software, because it has some really good features. DriverBackup! is the only other software in this category, to have the feature to back up drivers from an offline system, which can be a life saver.

For backup, DriverBackup! is very good, providing some useful options. When started, it presents a clearly laid out list of drivers, with all installed drivers selected by default. However, if one wants to choose only Windows drivers, or only third party drivers, they can be easily chosen, with just the click of the buttons, OEM, and Third parts, respectively, on the interface. The selection can be further refined by selecting drivers with full portability(according to DriverBackup!), or drivers with digital signatures, again by pressing the respective buttons on the interface. Drivers are backed up individually in folders, according to device names. The program also generates a .bki file unique to the program, which contains information on the backed up drivers. This file is used at the time of restoration, to present the list of drivers from the backup folders. Again, the selection of drivers can be refined at the time of restoration too.

DriverBackup! was able to backup drivers for phantom devices, that is, devices which had been connected earlier to the system, but not at that time. Very useful.

The program has a very good help file, explaining how to perform different operations. The program can be used from the command line too.

Although, the program is portable, but it cannot be considered fully portable, because from version 2 onwards, it required the use of .NET 2.0, which if not present on the computer, the program won't work. I consider this as a disadvantage. Versions earlier to 2.0 do not require .NET, but they do not have the option to restore drivers.

Still, feature wise, this program is quite good, and if only it did not fail in restoring drivers, and did not require .NET, it would be a brilliant program.

This program is in active development, and I hope that the future versions will address the shortcomings.

DriverBackup! was reviewed by on based on version 2.1 Revision 7.