Dozens Of Online Photo Editing Tools In One Handy Location


There are loads of web sites that offer online facilities to manipulate or otherwise edit your photos.  Some can turn a photo into something that looks more like a painting, as per the example below, while others can blur the image, add a frame or some rounded corners, etc etc.

Image Ops ( is a handy web site which provides links to many such locations, plus the ability to specify an image file.  If the picture you want to edit is already online somewhere, just enter its URL.  If not, you can upload it from your PC if it's no larger than 0.5 MB.  Then, just click on the link to the online editing service you require (the painting effect at in this case), and everything happens automatically.

This is a handy site, with a useful collection of features that's continually being expanded.  One could, perhaps, criticise it for exploiting the hard work of others, but it's certainly very convenient.  If you fancy exploring all that the web has to offer in terms of photo editing and image processing, this is a great place to start.


Thanks to Panzer for this useful Hot Find.



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