Download A Youtube Video As An Audio MP3 File


Youtube downloaderYoutube is a great way to listen to music. But sometimes, being able to watch the video at the same time is not essential. You might just want the music or audio, and you might prefer to save it on your computer as an MP3 file to avoid using the internet every time you want to listen to the song.

If that's the case, then check out this really simple, fast and free downloader. Head to Youtube, find the video you want, and copy its URL from the address bar in your browser to Within no time at all, you'll see a link to your MP3 file, ready to download.

Remember though, that downloading any file from the internet carries a potential risk of malware, so always ensure that your security software is up to date. In my tests, though, the system worked flawlessly and the files it produced gave me no cause for concern.

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Personally I like this this website -

Alternatively I use this Firefox Add-on - to download the whole video so that I can choose to extract the audio in the format/compression I prefer using my preferred software.

Another vote for Simple YouTube to MP3/MP4 Converter and Downloader -- fast, lots of options, and secure

Two alternatives I've used and loved.

Simple YouTube Converter is a great extension that works with Firefox. Adds a "Download" button to every YouTube page. Clicking on it takes you to another page, and another click downloads the audio in MP3.

Peggo ( is similar; you paste in the URL of the video you want to download as audio. Very fast too.

YouTube-dl is the only way to go. Runs on everything and reliable.

I also like the similar service It allows you to download the video as well as the audio. Whichever format and quality you prefer.