Download A Youtube Video As An Audio MP3 File


GreenMP3 Youtube downloaderHere's a relatively new site offering a frequently requested feature, namely the ability to let you download a YouTube video as an audio MP3 track that you can listen to offline.

You'll find the site, Green MP3, at and there's really not much to add. Just head to YouTube, find the video you want, copy its address, then paste it into the Green MP3 box. Within a few seconds you'll see a download link to your converted file.

From my own tests, it seems to work just fine. And there's no software to install, as the conversion is all done online.

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Just get youtube-dl on github. Done for all purposes. That tool is the swiss army knife of doing anything with a youtube download.

I've been using a few other sites but if the test conversion I just did is normal this is the fastest I've used. Thanks

Maybe that site is relatively new but there have been similar sites for years now. Just do a search for "youtube to mp3" and you'll get quite a few results. Here's the one I use.

I like as well.

You can download videos at different resolutions and download as audio as well.

Thanks rob, here's another I've been using lately.

Another online converter i use is Has green logo from Web of Trust

This is fast. Thanks!