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You're no doubt familiar with sites like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and other image-sharing systems. But here's a different take on the genre altogether. The Free Sound Project ( is a site for sharing not images but sounds. There are thousands to browse and search through, and you can download any that interest you. You are then free to use the sounds as you wish, so it's a great way to find accompaniments and effects for any video clips you produce.

The system is also incredibly easy to browse. Each sound in the listing has a thumbnail wave form image. Just click on the image to play, and it'll start playing at the point where you clicked. So remember to click on the far left side of the image if you want the clip to play from the start.

Turn your speakers up and head to for a fascinating journey into a world of sound.

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I have been a member of the Freesound site for a few years now and it has some excellent music loops. Some other good alternatives would be Flashkit, Looperman and Neosounds.