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Diagram creation programIf you like drawing diagrams and flowcharts to help visualise structured hierarchical information, then yEd is a program that you should try. It's a diagramming tool that is both flexible and powerful. Use it to create network diagrams, table plans, work or study plans, project outlines, and just about anything else.

It's a 63 MB download from and is completely free. The program is also malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.






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Yed is an amazing free that's made a few appearances in the techsupportalert pages over the years.
It can do Business processes (BPMN), organisation charts, network diagrams, flow diagrams, UML, entity relationship and organisation trees etc etc etc. It's also is easy to use, supports custom icons and has superb export options.

I've been using it for over 5 years after trying to find something I can use to quickly create diagrams that allow me to change nodes around without losing the links or spending ages formatting.

So much quicker than Visio to create and prototype diagrams giving you the power to shape your brain dumps.

Added bonus is the layouts. Where it automatically makes your diagrams look good.
It's particularly good at BPMN with swim-lanes

I have Visio at work, but if I need to do a quick diagram that others don't need to edit I'll always go for Yed.

Underneath the diagramming is graph data so if you need you could import a large excel document to model thousands of interconnecting nodes. Each Node and edge can have properties that can be used to set the visual properties.

It's also free for commercial use.

For those of you that use 32bit XP, you have to click on -
More yEd downloads...
Then look for -
Windows yEd installer for 32-bit Windows XP or later. Requires Oracle's JRE 6 or higher. Exe file (30.1 MB)

PS The Help menu has "Example Graphs" which gives a good selection of examples.
I wish other programs did that.

Requires JAVA, which I uninstalled ages ago for security reasons.

The security problem is mainly for Java enabled in browsers. Not stand-alone Java on the system. Java on the system is especially required for programmers. Just make sure you update Java when it's available.

I'm wondering if the flowchart in the center of that screen shows how Microsoft avoids dealing with customer complaint issues.