Download An Entire Web Site To Your PC


Have you ever found yourself browsing a web site often, sometimes when a fast internet connection is not available, and wished that you could save the entire site to your PC for easier offline browsing?

HTTrack windowIf so, a free program called HTTrack could be what you're looking for.

You can download the program from and it's around 4 MB.  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  Once downloaded (I recommend the portable "without installer" version), unzip the file and double-click on WinHTTrack.exe to run it.  You'll be asked to pick a name and category for your project, and to specify the URL of the site.  That's really all there is to it.  The program will then attempt to download all of the files that make up the site, so you can browse and search them on your own PC.

Depending on the site you try to download, you may not get a perfectly usable or complete copy.  But for casual browsing or searching of the full text of the site, it's a useful feature to have.  Just be sure not to try to download a huge site such as Wikipedia!

One point worth noting is that, when you're asked for a folder in which to store the downloaded site, don't choose any folder that already contains other folders.  If you do, and you don't pay careful attention to the program's prompts, it will delete all of those other folders when you exit the program because it thinks they are remnants of previous downloaded sites.  But as long as you watch out for the prompts to delete those folders, the program is very useful indeed.


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I've used it for years too, and agree with the other comments: a good and useful tool.

HtTrack is a wonderful website ripper that I've used before I switched to Darcy Ripper. It's platform independant and highly configurable with Job Package controls just like HtTrack. 

Both of them should do the job for you efficiently and is highly useful when you have unstable connection or working offline. 

I've have also been using HHTrack for several years, and found it a most useful program. There are tutorials available for beginners. Recommended.

I have used HHTrack for years and can certainly recommend it. I have saved several pretty large sites with it and it does a perfect job. You need to be careful about how many layers you want to save and whether or not you want HHTrack to follow external links. It's not just Wikipedia which has a big site - even a seemingly modest site can hold thousands of pages.