Download "Coding All-in-One for Dummies" ($17 Value) e-Book Free for a Limited Time


Book cover Coding for Dummies

Get "Coding All-in-One for Dummies" for free through April 16th, 2019. Published by Wiley books, this 800 page e-Book contains nine books in one, here's the list of books:

  • Getting Started with Coding
  • Career Building with Coding
  • Basic Web Coding
  • Advanced Web Coding
  • Creating Web Applications
  • Selecting Data Analysis Tools
  • Evaluating Data
  • Essentials of Machine Learning
  • Applying Machine Learning

You can download the book for free from TradePub. If you haven't created an account there, you can sign up for a free account but the sign up process is on the lengthy side.
Grab this free eBook here:

Coding All-in-One For Dummies

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They want way too much personal information for such a simple book.

I just downloaded it.
Been in Australia for last 69 years.
Been retired for last 19 years.
I would have registered sometime in the last 19 years, SO NO COMPANY.
I used my normal (NON company) email for the download link.
I cannot find on TradePub's web site where I can peruse my membership details, but I reckon I would have just placed my name in the company name's box.
PS I was not going to download, as my earlier very brief investigation of developing a web site, got frightened off by the lack of cheapness (hopefully nearly free), and the lack of security in having such a web site.
So probably won't be reading the downloaded PDF book.
So I have done all of this for all of our non US members.

Near the very end of the "Terms and Conditions/Privacy" article, it states you can access/change your info but must email them (at the provided address) as to how.
Please note that "Netline" (TradePub or any of their other branded websites) have some items you cannot opt-out short of deleting your account, which can only be done by emailing them.


Thank you so much. :)

You need to belong to a company and reside in the USA.
Website makes you fill in A LOT of information.
I tried and it wouldn't send me an email.

I'm sorry you weren't able to register. That's frustrating, after answering so many questions.
It is a lengthy process.
You don't have to belong to a company, or have a position or other things they ask. Fill in the fields with whatever information works for you.

I wasn't aware this isn't available outside the USA. I will keep that in mind for the future, thank you mentioning it.