Download 14 Free NASA/JPL "Visions of the Future" Posters

NASA/JPL commissioned a collection of colorful, retro style posters with the underlying theme of the future of space travel. The result is fourteen fun posters that you can download and print for free.

You can download all the posters at once (a 641 MB download) or individually by clicking on a poster thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a gallery of all the posters, each with its own description and download options. The first ten posters are available as printable PDF files or high resolution TIFF files. The PDF file sizes vary, while the high resolution TIFF files for these first ten posters are all 52 MB files.

The last five posters in the gallery (titled Greetings from your First Exoplanet, PSO J318.5-22 - Where the Nightlife Never Ends, Experience the Gravity of a Super Earth, Relax on Kepler-16b - Where your shadow always has company, and Kepler-186 f - Where the Grass is Always Redder) are on a separate page with TIFF and JPEG download and printing options in various sizes.

Download Free "Visions of the Future" Posters

(via Neatorama)

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Some nice posters in the collection with that Jupiter one being my favorite.