Don't Want Windows 10 Yet? Here's How To Stop The Nagging

If your Windows 7 or 8 PC keeps nagging you to update to Windows 10, but you're not quite ready to take the leap yet, then you'll be pleased to know that there's a simple way to stop Windows constantly nagging you to accept and install the free update.
And if your computer hasn't yet started nagging you, there's still a pretty good chance that it will have been downloading the Windows 10 installer files quietly in the background, in order to start nagging you later.  Which, if you have no intention of switching quite yet, is a waste of around 3 GB of your monthly download allowance from your internet provider.
GWX Control Panel is a free program that runs on Windows 7 and 8 and does a number of useful things.  It stops the constant nagging.  It prevents Windows from downloading the version 10 installer files, and deletes any that have already been downloaded.  And it hides the "Get Windows 10" icon from the status bar too.
GWX is Microsoft's code name for the system which prompts you to Get Windows 10, hence the name.
You'll find GWX Control Panel at in both installer and standalone/portable versions.  I used the standalone one, which is the easiest, and is a 4 MB download.  It's malware-free, according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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I've used in on about 4 computers now. Works great. It is getting ridiculous the amounts of times Windows 10 nagging comes up. I kept one Windows 7 laptop without this, as I work in computing and actually want to see how far they go with trying to force people onto it. I have to resit temptation to not install this on that particular one.

So Simple. Used it to help a Newbie via TeamViewer. Boom! It's finally gone.

I have an unused copy of Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

If I install it is it even possible to upgrade just to Win 8.1, or will Microsoft force me to go to Windows 10?

Just download and run GWX_Control_Panel
That will take care of Windows 10 upgrade if you don't want it.
I recommend you read the author's documentation.

I went to a great web the other day, and it laid out in great detail how to stop all of the different ways that Windows 10 can phone home. It takes lots of work, but when it is done, you have a fairly great OS. I didn't do it, because I haven't installed Windows 10, yet. Wish I had the URL to leave it here. and will, if I can find it again.

This is a great program. Thank you, for that, and I wish all at Gizmo's, and all my fellow users, a wonderful and fulfilling New Year!

I've used the free download at

Seems to do the job.

Thank you Rob!

I second the vote for GWX Control Panel.

I have used it on many customer machines (W7 & W8.x) with no ill effect at all.
It sure helps to have read the usage notes the author has on his blog.

I also have disabled and then hidden KB3035583. This control panel could still prove to be useful when in 2016, Microsoft makes it even more of a priority to upgrade to Win10. Microsoft could take the KB3035583 from the hidden updates and decide to install and then you are stuck with 10 and having to clean up the mess.

I'd prefer a program that can stop wives from nagging....but I suppose I will have to make due with this until one can be developed.

have you tried a divorce lawyer? ;-)
Hmmpf, I misspoke and apologize profoundly.

What I meant to say was have you ever tried something like Linux Lite or LXLE?
Have your ad-blocker active if you want to go to LL's web site.

Thanks Rob!
Excellent advise.
Happy New Year 2016!


I uninstalled update KB3035583 then hide it, and that seemed to remove it

Only until M$ re-classifies the Win10 Upgrade as a recommended update and then it will happen.
GWX Control panel prohibits that as well.